bearings with detent

Designed for Cabinets – SZSMARTER New Aluminum Bearing Product Launch

9″ Die-Casting Aluminum Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings with A Removable Detent

Basic informations as follows:
Item number: SMYP9-228D
Outside diameter: 228mm (9″)
Inside diameter: 164mm
Material thickness/height: 12mm
Load capacity: 50kg
Swivel bearings with stop is for kidney-shaped, D-shaped, and half-round lazy susans.

Swivel bearings without stop is for full-round lazy susans.

Provides a smooth rotation and can be fixed in the detent position.
Quiet die cast aluminum construction with long time reliability and durability.
Light weight & resistant to abrasion.
Filled with carbon steel pre-lubricated ball bearings.
Designed to support shelf-mounted Super Susans.
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