tempered glass lazy susan rotating tray

Modern Look Glass Lazy Susan Rotating Tray

This new Glass Lazy Susan Rotating Tray design was inspired by an accidental dining experience of our CEO Mr. Steven Yeh.

It was a day at noon. The restaurant’s business was very hot, and the serving speed was relatively slow. After the first dish was served, it was placed alone on the side of the Lazy Susan’s glass countertop. Due to the large portion of the dish, it was completely press down one side of the glass table top, while the other side of the glass is tilted up. The waiter carefully moved the dish to the center of the table, and explained with a smile, “Our restaurant has been in business for 3 years, and business has been very good. This rotating countertop has become less stable after a long time of use. Please understand. “.

traditional one-piece glass turntable

As a large part of our rotary bearing products are used on the dining table. Although most restaurants on the market use traditional conjoined glass turntables, which is cheap in cost but since we have found a problem, we might as well visit some more restaurants and ask the source of the question. It turns out that almost all restaurants have the same troubles. The traditional one-piece glass turntable will appear unstable after a few months of use. The reason is that when the meal is over, in order to reduce the workload when the service staff change the tablecloths, they will force the glass countertop to bounce off the table and quickly replace the tablecloths. It is precisely in the process of repeated bumps that the traditional conjoined turntable structure becomes loose, and this kind of problem cannot be solved by maintenance. You can only purchase a complete set of new glass turntables. But the new traditional glass turntable will still have the same problem after several months.

So this brand new tempered glass turntable from SZSMARTER was born. Before the product was sold in batches, we conducted field tests in 50 restaurants for 3 months. It was super stable, super quiet, and stylish, and it was favored by restaurant owners, and soon more restaurant owners found us.

modern look glass lazy susan rotating tray

At the same time, unlike the traditional one-piece glass turntable structure, our new style is a tempered glass plus bearing base structure. In case of poor rotation, the user can replace the bearing by himself, which is very convenient and practical. At the bottom is a 20-inch SZSMARTER silent aluminum bearing, which you can easily buy from us and our distributors.

super stable and super quiet lazy susan bearing base


As a manufacturer, we must be good at finding problems and quickly find reasonable solutions as well. — Said by our CEO Mr. Steven Yeh.