coronavirus pandemic

How To Arrange Company Work And Business Reasonably During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, all large and small companies are facing a grim situation.

Today we would like to share with you some tips about our company’s work and business arrangements during this special period. Hope this can inspire you a bit and get through the difficulties smoothly.

First, we must stabilize inside of the company. The heart of all employees must be settled. Cheer them up. This is a problem everyone faces, so only who act before others can stand out and not be eliminated.
Then make arrangements for the work and plan at hand:

  1. Sort out and improve customer system → Customer filing, Customer follow-up, Customer maintenance
  2. Sort out and improve supplier system → Supplier filing, Supplier rating
  3. Company internal rectification → Internal training, System improvement and optimization, Employee work follow-up
  4. Sort out and improve product and advertising → Product and technology update, Pictures, Videos, Advertising content
  5. Sort out and improve marketing system → Websites, Platforms, Social media
  6. Conduct industry and market analysis → Peer analysis, Customer analysis, Market analysis
  7. Reorganize the goals → Re-establish the feasibility goals according to the actual situation.
  8. Recruit → When many companies are laying off employees, this is also a good opportunity to select talents.

Only by getting rid of the confusion and striving upstream can we survive in the times.