how to install lazy susan hardware

Aluminum Lazy Susan Installation Instructions

Usually the Aluminum Lazy Susan has rubber feet and countersunk holes already, you just need to find the center and screw it to your wood.

Below we will show you the detailed steps, which is much easier than you think.


First, you need a proper top for your Lazy Susan.

The top can be any material. Countertops with particularly smooth surfaces such as marble and glass can be used without installation. Here we mainly talk about the installation of wooden countertops.

Make sure you choose the right top size according to your application. As different applications may need different sizes of tops. This will be related to the rotation effect of your final product. If you have any questions about this, you can consult our sales staff before buying.


Second, find the center on the top.

Below round and square panels are shown for your reference.


Third, align the center of the Lazy Susan with the center on the top.


Fourth, screw the Lazy Susan on the top.

Make sure that the tightness of all screws is balanced/uniform when assembly.


Finally, turn the top upside down and rotate it. The installation is complete.