Entry-level Lightweight Standard Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings from SZSMARTER

Today we are going to talk about this lightweight aluminum turntable bearing.

It is the most entry-level series of our aluminum swivel bearing products.

Because of its free rotation, thin material, affordable price, simple and classic appearance, it has been favored by customers from all over the world for more than 20 years.

These lightweight bearings suitable for applications with low load-bearing requirements, such as dining tables, lightweight display racks, etc.

14 inch aluminum lazy susan

Like this a 14 inch lazy Susan bearing, with OD 350mm x ID 298mm x T 10mm, its safe load-bearing capacity should be about 60kg. For more than this weight, we recommend that you choose a stronger bearing with the same diameter to use. SZSMARTER has many different options. If a seller tells you that it can bear 150kg or more, we advise you not to believe it if the product parameters are the same. Yes, it is indeed capable in a short time under the condition of balanced rotation of 150kg, but when we buy any tools don’t want to be used only once, but should conform to the product attributes, at least use more than 100,000 revolutions, right?

According to our safe load-bearing selection of suitable bearings, usually using 200,000 revolutions is completely no problem. This is the real result obtained through the actual test of our factory.

And of course, the load-bearing capacity of different product sizes is also different. For this standard aluminum revolving turntable, we have a diameter ranging from a minimum of 4 inches/106mm to a maximum of 32 inches/798mm.

Custom sizes are also acceptable. After all, our factory have complete production lines from aluminum ingot casting/die-casting molding to CNC machining, drilling, assembly, surface treatment, etc.

When it comes to production, we also have to talk about the accuracy of the bearing hole position. We often receive inquiries from some new customers that the bearings bought on the market cannot meet their strict precision requirements. At this point, what we want to say is that at SZSMARTER we are fully able to withstand your review. Because the precision machining and drilling equipment we use are customized by integrating our more than 30 years of aluminum bearings production experience, constantly improving and improving, they are definitely the best.

So please feel free to contact us for any request about aluminum bearings. We believe that our professional industry knowledge and timely service will be able to solve your current troubles.

szsmarter a lazy susan bearing expert a flag swivel provider

SZSMARTER, A Lazy Susan Bearing Expert, A Storyteller

When a man exists for a long time, he or she will have more and more stories to tell, so does an enterprise.

Today we are going to tell a story……

It was 20 years ago, when a Japanese enterprise saw our original version of standard aluminum turntable bearings and was inspired to designed a rotator.

It is said that every child born in Japan the family will hang a flag at the door of their home to wish them healthy growth. The flag can fly and rotate with the wind. The rotator is installed on the flagpole as a rotary bearing device.

The Japanese company would place an order at least 200,000 CNY per year. In the first few years of our company’s growth, this big order became our most powerful support. Its profits could provide us with the annual factory rent, so we can spend other more on improving the production in all aspects and do some staff training. More importantly, this cooperation gives us the first opportunity to step into the group of serving the international market.

As we all know, Japanese customers have strict requirements on product quality, which cultivates and helps us to established our own high quality product systems.

Thank you, for every customer we meet along the way. You are our good teachers and helpful friends.

tempered glass lazy susan rotating tray

Modern Look Glass Lazy Susan Rotating Tray

This new Glass Lazy Susan Rotating Tray design was inspired by an accidental dining experience of our CEO Mr. Steven Yeh.

It was a day at noon. The restaurant’s business was very hot, and the serving speed was relatively slow. After the first dish was served, it was placed alone on the side of the Lazy Susan’s glass countertop. Due to the large portion of the dish, it was completely press down one side of the glass table top, while the other side of the glass is tilted up. The waiter carefully moved the dish to the center of the table, and explained with a smile, “Our restaurant has been in business for 3 years, and business has been very good. This rotating countertop has become less stable after a long time of use. Please understand. “.

traditional one-piece glass turntable

As a large part of our rotary bearing products are used on the dining table. Although most restaurants on the market use traditional conjoined glass turntables, which is cheap in cost but since we have found a problem, we might as well visit some more restaurants and ask the source of the question. It turns out that almost all restaurants have the same troubles. The traditional one-piece glass turntable will appear unstable after a few months of use. The reason is that when the meal is over, in order to reduce the workload when the service staff change the tablecloths, they will force the glass countertop to bounce off the table and quickly replace the tablecloths. It is precisely in the process of repeated bumps that the traditional conjoined turntable structure becomes loose, and this kind of problem cannot be solved by maintenance. You can only purchase a complete set of new glass turntables. But the new traditional glass turntable will still have the same problem after several months.

So this brand new tempered glass turntable from SZSMARTER was born. Before the product was sold in batches, we conducted field tests in 50 restaurants for 3 months. It was super stable, super quiet, and stylish, and it was favored by restaurant owners, and soon more restaurant owners found us.

modern look glass lazy susan rotating tray

At the same time, unlike the traditional one-piece glass turntable structure, our new style is a tempered glass plus bearing base structure. In case of poor rotation, the user can replace the bearing by himself, which is very convenient and practical. At the bottom is a 20-inch SZSMARTER silent aluminum bearing, which you can easily buy from us and our distributors.

super stable and super quiet lazy susan bearing base


As a manufacturer, we must be good at finding problems and quickly find reasonable solutions as well. — Said by our CEO Mr. Steven Yeh.

coronavirus pandemic

How To Arrange Company Work And Business Reasonably During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Due to the impact of the global pandemic, all large and small companies are facing a grim situation.

Today we would like to share with you some tips about our company’s work and business arrangements during this special period. Hope this can inspire you a bit and get through the difficulties smoothly.

First, we must stabilize inside of the company. The heart of all employees must be settled. Cheer them up. This is a problem everyone faces, so only who act before others can stand out and not be eliminated.
Then make arrangements for the work and plan at hand:

  1. Sort out and improve customer system → Customer filing, Customer follow-up, Customer maintenance
  2. Sort out and improve supplier system → Supplier filing, Supplier rating
  3. Company internal rectification → Internal training, System improvement and optimization, Employee work follow-up
  4. Sort out and improve product and advertising → Product and technology update, Pictures, Videos, Advertising content
  5. Sort out and improve marketing system → Websites, Platforms, Social media
  6. Conduct industry and market analysis → Peer analysis, Customer analysis, Market analysis
  7. Reorganize the goals → Re-establish the feasibility goals according to the actual situation.
  8. Recruit → When many companies are laying off employees, this is also a good opportunity to select talents.

Only by getting rid of the confusion and striving upstream can we survive in the times.

how to install lazy susan hardware

Aluminum Lazy Susan Installation Instructions

Usually the Aluminum Lazy Susan has rubber feet and countersunk holes already, you just need to find the center and screw it to your wood.

Below we will show you the detailed steps, which is much easier than you think.


First, you need a proper top for your Lazy Susan.

The top can be any material. Countertops with particularly smooth surfaces such as marble and glass can be used without installation. Here we mainly talk about the installation of wooden countertops.

Make sure you choose the right top size according to your application. As different applications may need different sizes of tops. This will be related to the rotation effect of your final product. If you have any questions about this, you can consult our sales staff before buying.


Second, find the center on the top.

Below round and square panels are shown for your reference.


Third, align the center of the Lazy Susan with the center on the top.


Fourth, screw the Lazy Susan on the top.

Make sure that the tightness of all screws is balanced/uniform when assembly.


Finally, turn the top upside down and rotate it. The installation is complete.

instructions of szsmarter low noise aluminum bearings

New Upgrade Instructions for SZSMARTER Large Size Low-Noise Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings

From April 1st, 2020, the structure of the Large Size Low-Noise Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings produced by our factory has been upgraded! The internal structure has undergone a qualitative upgrade!

Compared with the original one, the advantages are as follows:

In the past, our bearing silencer is made of plastic strip, due to the weight of aluminum ring increases with the larger size, some customers reported that the rotation effect of large size bearing is not as good as the small size when turning. To improve this, our engineer team designed a brand-new silencer after repeated research and consideration.

This new design has greatly improved the smoothness and load capacity of the turntable bearing under the low-noise effect, and has effectively improved the stability during use, also prevents the silencer strip from falling off possibility.

On the surface, the new silencer was hidden. In order to distinguish it from regular aluminum lazy susan bearings, we have used a newly designed rectangular non-slip grip rubber pads in appearance. As the name suggests, this new pads accessory has been greatly improved in terms of non-slip and anti-shedding.

In short, the new design is an effective improvement based on the premise of not affecting the use of clients.

As the new design involves mold updates, while the new version is on the market, the old version will also be discontinued and eliminated. Customers are requested to know and understand.

Looking forward to your satisfactory feedback after use. Your satisfaction is our driving force!

(PS: Upgrades are currently available in two sizes: 40 inch and 50 inch. The 32 inch is also being upgraded.)

silent aluminum bearing

New Silent Aluminum Bearing With Excellent Non-slip Rubber Pads

The new technology we are releasing today is dedicated to silent aluminum turntable bearings which applied in very smooth contact surfaces such as glass, marble and more.

szsmarter new silent aluminum bearing with excellent non-slip rubber pads

This improvement allows the bearing to run perfectly in a variety of applications without the need to use any screws.

szsmarter new rectangular non slip rubber pads for aluminum lazy susan turntable bearing

In the application of wood products, this new rectangular non-slip rubber pad can also achieve good noise reduction. Due to its soft material and large stripe contact area.

We insist on doing more refined work and continuously enhance the customer experience to support the SZSMARTER brand.

outdoor use aluminum bearing turntable ring

New Slewing Bearing With Excellent Surface

To ensure meet the different requirements of customers’ indoor and outdoor applications. SZSMARTER launched a new powder coated surface treatment technology on our turntable bearing rings in this October.

szsmarter rotating solutions

This new surface treatment method makes the turntable no longer easy to paint off, and the appearance is very clear and beautiful. Can effectively improve the grade of your furniture. We firmly believe that in this age of beauty, you deserve better rotating accessories.

At present, we have mass production of silver gray and black.

If you like this new improvement, contact us to request a sample or ask for more details.

We are very happy to hear you and your suggestions.

szsmarter fmc china 2019

Welcome to Our Booth on FMC China 9 – 12 September 2019

We will be exhibiting at the FMC CHINA 2019 in Shanghai on 9th-12th September. If you’d like to meet the team and learn more about SZSMARTER, come and see us!

SZSMARTER Booth No.: Hall N10 Stand C31

China Furniture Manufacturing & Supply Exhibition
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China


bearings with detent

Designed for Cabinets – SZSMARTER New Aluminum Bearing Product Launch

9″ Die-Casting Aluminum Lazy Susan Turntable Bearings with A Removable Detent

Basic informations as follows:
Item number: SMYP9-228D
Outside diameter: 228mm (9″)
Inside diameter: 164mm
Material thickness/height: 12mm
Load capacity: 50kg
Swivel bearings with stop is for kidney-shaped, D-shaped, and half-round lazy susans.

Swivel bearings without stop is for full-round lazy susans.

Provides a smooth rotation and can be fixed in the detent position.
Quiet die cast aluminum construction with long time reliability and durability.
Light weight & resistant to abrasion.
Filled with carbon steel pre-lubricated ball bearings.
Designed to support shelf-mounted Super Susans.
Please feel free to contact if you have any questions, comments or requests. We’d love to hear from you.