instructions of szsmarter low noise aluminum bearings

New Upgrade Instructions for SZSMARTER Large Size Low-Noise Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings

From April 1st, 2020, the structure of the Large Size Low-Noise Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearings produced by our factory has been upgraded! The internal structure has undergone a qualitative upgrade!

Compared with the original one, the advantages are as follows:

In the past, our bearing silencer is made of plastic strip, due to the weight of aluminum ring increases with the larger size, some customers reported that the rotation effect of large size bearing is not as good as the small size when turning. To improve this, our engineer team designed a brand-new silencer after repeated research and consideration.

This new design has greatly improved the smoothness and load capacity of the turntable bearing under the low-noise effect, and has effectively improved the stability during use, also prevents the silencer strip from falling off possibility.

On the surface, the new silencer was hidden. In order to distinguish it from regular aluminum lazy susan bearings, we have used a newly designed rectangular non-slip grip rubber pads in appearance. As the name suggests, this new pads accessory has been greatly improved in terms of non-slip and anti-shedding.

In short, the new design is an effective improvement based on the premise of not affecting the use of clients.

As the new design involves mold updates, while the new version is on the market, the old version will also be discontinued and eliminated. Customers are requested to know and understand.

Looking forward to your satisfactory feedback after use. Your satisfaction is our driving force!

(PS: Upgrades are currently available in two sizes: 40 inch and 50 inch. The 32 inch is also being upgraded.)